Come and Go3 x Beckett = …is one of the newest productions from Propositário Azul – Associação Artística (Artistic Association).

The actresses and the director are from 3 different nationalities: North American, Portuguese and Spanish. We all share a great passion for Samuel Beckett, Theatre of the Absurd, his simplicity and minimalism.

The idea came of the will of working together a contemporary playwright and to make the show travel these 3 cities: New York, Lisbon and Barcelona.

Beckett work offers a dark, tragicomic outlook on human nature. His plays embody a vision, pose an ethical or emotional problem, praise and laugh at humanity (our heroes and our fools). They’re subtle and chromatic. As is a symphony. His theatrical concepts are profoundly and magically theatrical because they come from a profound knowledge of mankind. We hope to give radiance to Mr. Beckett’s vision. We hope to bring music to his words. We hope to bring you magic.

Maria plays the roles Vi in Come and Go and May in Footfalls.

The play is in English.

The Opening

The opening was in NYC at the Instituto Cervanes de Nueva York, this late July. We performed it for 3 nights – 10th, 11th and 12th.

The Audience Says

Trudy Steibl – Actress and Acting Teacher at HB Studio, NYC
Beckett is so rarely done and so important to do.  The production I saw of 3xBeckett was extraordinary. The plays resound on a different level than most – one feels them in one’s gut not one’s head. The commitment of the actors was exceptional — it was total and as a result powerful. It was done with the body and with words and done with heart and spirit. This production deserves to have more life. It was magical theatre resounding and having relevance in one’s life.
Marion McCorry – Actress and Director of The Hagen Institute at HB Studio, NYC
What I loved about the piece was that I saw and heard Beckett anew.  I could hear the plays’ content and intention – nothing got lost in style, but was rather, revealed through the work. Good job!.
Victoria Townsend – Actress, NYC
I just wanted to send a quick note before I left to go to Brooklyn for a movie shoot, I thought you were all wonderful and you should be very proud of the work you did. Also, tell Sonia that I have seen Not I several times before and she performed the piece better than anyone else I have ever seen do the piece. So you should be all very happy with work well done.
Marcia Haufrecht – Actress, Stage Theatre y Acting Teacher at New School, NY
Wonderful show. I would say that Sónia Neves performance in Not I is illuminating and definitive, making one of Beckett’s most challenging plays accessible to everyone.


Arte Institute Website

Interview for the Arte Institute

The Short Plays

 Come and GoCome and Go (1965): 3 women meet in a softly lit place. Seated on a bench facing the audience, they recall the old school days. Each woman leaves the stage briefly, and during each absence a shocking secret is whispered about the third – which the audience doesn’t hear…
Beckett_3Footfalls (1975): May, wrapped in rags, paces back and forth engaging in conversation with the disembodied voice of her mother. The play is divided in four scenes. As the play progresses May’s voice becomes subsumed into her mother’s and she paces even slower, the light dims… so that by the fourth and final scene there is no trace of her…
Beckett_9Not I (1972): A woman’s mouth is isolated on the stage, locked in a place with the rest of her face and body in darkness.  Through a torrential stream of monologue, we discover that the woman has remained silent most of her life, since being pushed prematurely into the world from her mother’s loveless womb. Her sudden flood of language is a manifestation of the “buzzing” in her head, an almost involuntary act…


Written by Samuel Beckett
Directed by Jim Boerlin
Stage Managers: Eric Simpson, Ingrid Wheatley
Cast: Maria Fontanals, Sónia Neves, Renee Yakemchuck
Light Design: William Agosto, Giovanni Villaro
Costume Design: Catherine Siracusa
Graphic Design: Cristina Novo
Photographer: Hugo Franco
Hairdresser: Luisa Vieira
Production: Carla Pomares



Photos by Hugo Franco & Stijn Vossen

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