05/05/2022. New York. La vida es sueño has been selected to be part of three majors classic festivals in Spain. The company Teatro Círculo is going on a tour on July 2022. Check out the festivals.

Festival de Teatro clásicos de Alcalá de Henares click here

Festival de Almagro click here

Fundación Siglo de Oro click here


11/01/2022. New York. Maria is cast in the next production of Repertorio Español: La dama boba by Lope de Vega and adapted&directed by Leyma Lopez. Maria will play the co-lead role: Nise. A wry, gender-defying comedy about two sisters, one educated and one silly, both engaged to marry but both in love with the same man.  To compensate for her simpleness, the “Lady Simpleton” has the larger dowry which attracts the attention of her sister’s fiancé, a poor nobleman.  When the two suitors arrange to exchange prospective wives, chaos prevails.  Yet the “silly” lady turns out not to be so simple after all. Performed in Spanish with English subtitles.

For tickets click here


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