Cuentos de Guerra_3Tales of War to Sleep in Peace (2008) is the new production of Corezon Productions. It features four short stories focusing on war: Grita Kassandra (Scream Kassandra); Un chiste de las Malvinas (A Falkland Joke); El Medio Oriente es de Carúpano pa’allá (Middle East Starts in Carúpano) and Mandrake Copperfield, hijo de Houddini (Mandrake Copperfield, Houddini’s Son).

Grita Kassandra (Scream Kassandra) takes place during the Yugoslav Wars and tells the meeting of two Serbian sisters, who had split because of the marriage of one of them with a Croatian. Though divided by their different ideologies, they try to help each other as much as they can and they find a way to survive in the illusion of the Venezuelan soap Kassandra.

Un Chiste de las Malvinas (A Falkland Joke), focuses on two war veterans who, affected by the suicides of several brothers in arms, try to endure the indifference of the Government and fellow citizens towards their situation.

El Medio Oriente es de Carúpano pa’allá (Middle East Starts in Carúpano), elaborates on the relationship between a low-class couple of Eastern Venezuelans who misunderstand a piece of news on the radio and believe that the USA are at war against Eastern Venezuela instead of against the Arabian Middle East.

Cuentos de Guerra_5Mandrake Copperfield, hijo de Houddini (Mandrake Copperfield, Houddini’s Son) is the story of a Colombian marriage, displaced by armed conflicts within their country, who must act out a great magical act to be able to survive in a strange land.

Corezon Productions is a professional group of actors the mission of which is to educate, entertain and impact society in a positive way through the magic of theatre. Corezon Productions works in English and Spanish, since our goal is to reach a wider multicultural audience in this country and to go beyond its borders.

Maria plays the roles Danica in Grita Kassandra and Narda in Mandrake.

The play is in Spanish.

The Opening

This play was premiered in the 4th Commissioner’s Hispanic Theatre Festival, on March 7th 2014 in New York.


Written by Karin Valecillos
Directed by Jim Boerlin
Staged Manager: Ingrid Wheatley
Cast: Pablo Andrade, Maria Fontanals, Carla Gil, Reza Salazar, Ingrid Wheatley
Set and Light Design: Nikolay Sviridchik
Sound: Renée Yakemchuk
Costum Design: Silvana Ottavianelli
Production: Corezon Productions