I realized that to truly be an actor is a great privilege. The chance to hold a mirror to the world. What an honor it is to be a vessel for stories. To be allowed to inhabit so many lives. Acting is less about talking loudly, and more about listening closely.

As an actor, I’m interested in truths. I’m interested in playing someone so that audience could say: “Yes! I feel that way too, I’m not alone.” 

Whether the motive is to make the audience respond with empathy or laughter, fear or delight, the important thing is that they feel something. To huddle close around the fire, and let the storyteller inspire wonder.

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Maria Fontanals is an Award-Winning Spanish actress, educator, and currently faculty member at HB Studio, one of the original New York acting studios.

On Stage!

December, 2023 – New York


Two women taking care of an elderly lady come together in order to survive and keep their job. They make a surprising decision that creates the most hilarious situations. What would you be willing to do to not lose your job?  Radojka is a coldly calculated comedy!

Performed in Spanish with English subtitles. 

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