Maria Fontanals is an award-winning Spanish actress based in New York, as well as a faculty member at HB Studio, one of the original New York acting studios. She is also a member of the Academy of Performing Arts in Spain. Maria has extensive experience on stage performing leading roles with renowned Off Broadway theaters. She is best known for portraying women who are strong, bold and powerful. Although she tends to play dramatic lead roles, she is a versatile actor who has excelled as comedic actress.  Her witty sense of humor has led her to play roles like Dorothy Parker’s sarcastic, wry, and clever characters.

For her, acting is a great privilege. Being able to be a vessel for stories and inhabit so many lives is what inspires her. She is interested in truths and playing characters that audience could say: “Yes! I feel that way too, I’m not alone.”

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“The ‘Academia de Artes Escénicas de España’ nominates Radojka as Best Hispanic Production in NY by the Talía Awards 2024″

La monja alférez by Juan Ruiz Alarcón produced by Teatro Círculo goes on tour in Spain. Clásicos en Alcalá y Festival de Olmedo.

Maria was nominated for an HOLA Award 2023 for her work in Fuente Ovejuna

On Stage!

Performances for 2024 – At Repertorio Español, New York

Radojka – La dama boba

Radojka: Two women taking care of an elderly lady come together in order to survive and keep their job. They make a surprising decision that creates the most hilarious situations. What would you be willing to do to not lose your job?  Radojka is a coldly calculated comedy!

La dama boba: A wry, gender-defying comedy about two sisters, one educated and one silly, both engaged to marry but both in love with the same man. To compensate for her simpleness, the “Lady Simpleton” has the larger dowry which attracts the attention of her sister’s fiancé, a poor nobleman. When the two suitors arrange to exchange prospective wives, chaos prevails. Yet the “silly” lady turns out not to be so simple after all.

Both plays performed in Spanish with English subtitles. 

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