12/07/2012 New York – Publication of the review of OLEANNA: “An elegant dance of power where words become weapons. The multi-faceted Fontanals comes to Vallarta from Barcelona via New York City, where she and Gibney performed together at the prestigious Oleanna continued HB Studio. She takes us through the chameleon-like changes of young student Carol with a subtly and expressive grace that leaves us unsure whether to hug her in sympathy or throttle her in anger. Fontanals will completely disarm you with her performance but be on guard–she will leave you devastated in the process! Just ask John“. PV Mirror. See full review (pag.#15).
11/23/2012 New York – Maria is interviewed in the Mexican magazine PV Mirror. See full interview (pag.#18).
11/23/2012 New York – Opening night of OLEANNA at the Boutique Theatre in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. More information.
07/10/2012 New York – Maria and the rest of the cast crew of 3xBECKETT=… are interviewed in the Portuguese organization ARTE Institute. See full interview.
07/10/2012 New York – Opening night of the 3xBECKETT=… at the Instituto Cervantes in New York. More information.
06/10/2012 New York – Maria finishes the Hagen Core Training Program at HB Studio. See the Hagen Core Program.

 11/01/2011 New York – Maria was featured as the corporate image of the launch of the Hagen Institute of HB Studio.

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