Foto Ni tan divas ni tan muertasNi tan divas ni tan muertas, Carlota is an actress, a diva, an adventurous soul and a free spirit. Aurora, her mother, is the opposite, she is a housewife, repressed and with a soul full of guilt. They hate and love each other. Both death. Carlota just died, Aurora died twenty years ago. They have not seen each other for twenty years. The reunite will take place in a very special place: the heaven. The past between mother and daughter will unfold in a very tragicomic way!

Maria plays the role of Carlota.

The play is in Spanish.

The Opening

This play was premiered in the VI Hispanic Theatre Festival on 16th June 2016.


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VI Festival de Teatro Hispano del Comisionado


Author: Indira Páez

Directed by Alfonso Rey

Stage Manager: Mario Paciti

Cast: Andreina Carvo, Maria Fontanals, Maite Uzal

Light and Sound Design: Alfonso Rey