Maria is cast to play the lead role Lucia/Gloria/Radojka in the play Radojka. Two women taking care of an elderly lady come together in order to survive and keep their job. They make a surprising decision that creates the most hilarious situations. What would you be willing to do to not lose your job? Radojka is a coldly calculated comedy!

The Opening

The play was premiered at Off Broadway Repertorio Español in June 2023 and it run for three weeks. The play is still on for all 2023 and 2024. Performed in Spanish with Overtitles in English.


Playwright: Fernando Schmidt & Christian Ibarzabal
Directed by Leyma Lopez
Producer: Repertorio Español
Stage Manager: Sandra Gumuzzio
Cast: Wanda Arriaga, Zulema Clares, Maria Fontanals y Gilberto Gabriel
Costume and Light Design: Robert Federico


By Michael Palma